By train to Győr Kids Festival - MÁV

Buy your ticket to Győr and then in exchange for a photo of your kids you will get a wristband for them so their trip home will be free.


MÁV-Start Ltd. provides a free train trip home from Győr to the kids (aged 6-14) who participate in Győr Kids Festival and get a wristband between 1-3 July 2016.

How can you validate your discount?

Your child needs to have a ticket (including monthly passes and IDs) to Győr, and

Get a wristband for your child at Győr Kids Festival!

By showing the wristband on your way back, your child can travel for free. Parents (guardians) can use their own discounts.

If you travel with a train that requires additional fees for the seats, everybody has to pay the additional price according to the rules of the type of train in question.

Ticket inspection

If the wristband is missing when the tickets are being inspected, the conductor will charge you for the ticket price as well as give a fine.