The detailed programme schedule of the Opening Ceremony

6.00-7.00: Bugs’ ball - The concert of Makám Orchestra

The songs of Makám’s concert Bugs’ Ball do not only address children, but everyone young and old, and whoever has managed to keep their playful spirit. We will hear about the birth of the centipede, the nightmares of the round-eyed rabbit, the winter wanderings of the pseudo-bear, the guests at the snails’ spring ball, the cicada who hated studying and the dangers awaiting the new-born alligator baby. Whoever finds this insufficient can accompany us to the Zoo and listen to the concert of the animals in the Cave Theatre.

Klára Korzenszky – vocals
Dávid Eredics – clarinet, saxophone, kaval, recorder
Barbara Kuczera – violin, vocals
Zoltán Krulik – acoustic guitar, vocals
Attila Boros – acoustic bass guitar
László Keönch – drums, percussion


7.00-8.00: I have received a parcel - Pa-dö-dö concert

8.00-9.00:  Name Songs - Children’s concert of 64U Orchestra

The well-known show orchestra of the country is going to entertain the visitors of Győr Kids Festival with a special concert containing songs dedicated to names.

György Blaskó – Drums
Gyula Gáspár – Bass Guitar / Vocals
Krisztián Horváth – Piano
Csaba Veiger – Guitar / Vocals
Balázs Tóth – Saxophone / Vocals
Angelika Iványi – Vocals


9.00-10.00: Magic concert show with The Little Chestnut Club and Ákos Dobrády

The Little Chestnut Club will set off on a summer tour where TV viewers can meet their favourites. The 9th Győr Kids Festival is the first stop, where children can meet Chestnut, Olly, Oxy Proxy, Sunshine and Liza, who will sing together the hit songs of the animated series.
The Little Chestnut Club is a popular musical animated series on Minimax, which entertains and teaches children about the world, with brand-new hit songs by Ákos Dobrády. The protagonist of the tale is Liza and her friends, Chestnut, Olly, Oxy Proxy and Sunshine, whose characters have been inspired by the four elements, earth, air, water and fire: the kind characters in costumes try to teach children about everyday knowledge and values with witty dialogues, plenty of music and catchy melodies. The Little Chestnut Club has instantly become the most popular show on Minimax.


10.00: Key presentation ceremony - Children receive the key to the city of Győr


10.15: Fireworks