When and where will the 9th Győr Kids Festival take place?
The 9th Győr Kids Festival is organized by Vaskakas Puppet Theatre in the city centre of Győr, on 1-3 July, 2016.
When and where will the Opening Ceremony take place?
We are inviting Győrkids and their parents to Dunakapu tér this year, too. It is located at the riverbank of Mosoni-Duna. The spacious square that has the iron rooster well will comfortably accommodate the 4-500 Győrkids we are expecting.
Time: 1 July, 2016, Friday 18.00
Is there a whole-day programme on the day of the Opening Ceremony?
No, there isn’t. There are whole-day programmes on Saturday (10.00-20.00) and Sunday (10.00-18.00).
How much is the entrance fee?
Entrance is completely free of charge. All we ask is a photo with a smile, in exchange for which children get a Győr Kids wristband, which enables them to participate in the programmes and try out the games for free. Of course, we accept one common photograph of siblings.
What is the Győrkőc wristband?
During the festival, the Győr Kids wristband guarantees free entrance to every programme for children under the age of 14. We will write the names of the children on the wristband together with their parents’ phone number. This way, if they get lost in the enormous crowd, you will easily find each other!
How and where to get a Győr Kids wristband for the festival?
Besides the Festival Centre, there are 3 other information stalls where smiling adults are expecting children and their parents from ten o’clock on Saturday and Sunday You will receive a wristband there in exchange for a smiling photograph for each child under the age of 14. The wristband guarantees festival discounts and free admission to every festival programme.
Information stalls:
Festival Centre - Bécsi kapu tér
Széchenyi tér
Baross út - Kazinczy utca crossing
Rába kettős híd, at Mihalkovics sétány
Can I become a volunteer at the 9th Győr Kids Festival?
Of course, volunteers are welcome this year, too. Send you applications to Helga Horváth or the Vaskakas Puppet Theatre team at and
Can I sell my products at the 9th Győr Kids Festival?
The application for the 9th Győr Kids Festival has ENDED. The application of artists for the 10th Győr Kids Festival is expected until 31 March 2017, exclusively in e-mail. Please attach photographs of the products.
I work in the tourism/service sector. How can I apply for the Győr Kids Festival?
We can no longer accept applications of food and drink suppliers and retailers for the 9th Győr Kids Festival. We expect your applications for the 10th Győr Kids Festival at Please attach photographs.
What are the parking facilities during the festival?
Click here for further information.